I use a lot of ground meat when I cook, so when I go to the store to pick some up, I always have a problem, pork is too fat, beef is too dry, and its hard to get chicken.  So now, I buy a nice chunk of beef and pork, and a pack to chicken thighs and make my own, I LOVE being able to control the juiciness of the finished product and it also come out a lot cheaper than buying ready made ground meat.

Pick out the meat you want in your ground meat mixture.  I like using pork, beef and chicken.


I have an attachment to my kitchen aid mixer to make ground meat, and it does a great job.


Pack it into freezer bags and you are all good to go!


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  1. Natasha

    Please continue sharing more recipes. I check them out all the time and missed seeing a post from you in a while. Btw, where do you buy your dinner rolls for the previous post? Thanks! Share more recipes please:-) my family loves them.

    • InTheKitchenWithLuba

      Natasha, I bought these rolls at Winco, in their freezer section, but I saw then at Walmart too. I am really glad you enjoy the recipes! :)

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